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Before inquery you'd better:
1. If you are interested in our mining machine:
  • Make it clear what mine you're going to deal with, and how many tons of raw materials will be handled per day.
  • please send us the mineral laboratory report if you have one, or we can help you to do the test.
2. If you are interested in our Sand Production Line or Stone Production Line:
  • you may be asked about what kind raw material is to be processed, and how many ouputs you wanted and their size.
and if you have any question about Mining Machine or Sand & Stone Production Line, Please feel free to contact us via:
  • : +86-13888022179 (CTO, Chinese Service)
  • : +86-13508712656 (English Service )
  • : Rockeyhan@hotmail.com
  • : Rockeyhan@yahoo.com
  • : Rockeyhan@gmail.com
  • : Dabanqiao Town, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China